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Celebrate the convening of the communication meeting of jingwei supporting accessories

Release date:2015-12-28 Views:262

On December 27, 2015, our company's 2015 annual accessory agent exchange meeting was successfully held in the conference hall, no.5, yushan lake hotel, ma 'anshan city.

The meeting will begin at 9:30. First of all, Mr. Yang shihong, chairman and general manager of jingwei company, gave a welcome speech. Thank you for your participation in the exchange meeting. Subsequently, dongguan shun hing Cao Changjun sussing out of the room and Singapore, general manager of Shanghai qing, general manager, as a representative of the customers have published their agent for the sale of slewing bearing this year experience and feeling. The vice President of the company yao qiangqiang and wang shujun also made important speeches at the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the company gave awards to excellent agents.

After the lunch buffet, all the agents take the special bus to the economic development zone, jingwei rotary support co., LTD., to visit the jingwei factory. The agents visited each workshop zealously, and occasionally sent inquiries and exchanges of views to the head of the workshop. Our customers are very satisfied with the production of jingwei.

In the evening, jingwei company in the dream of the lake hotel set up a banquet to carefully treat all the agents, the exchange will come to a successful conclusion.