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Ma on shan municipal government deputy mayor fang xiaoli came to our company to investigate

Release date:2015-12-10 Views:251

On the morning of December 10, fang xiaoli, deputy mayor of ma on shan municipal government, came to our company for investigation and investigation. Accompanied by the government of the ministry of science and technology, the commission and the relevant leaders of the economic development zone. Company chairman Yang shihong, vice President wang shujun received fang xiaoli, the two sides in the conference room on the third floor.

In the discussion, Yang shihong first reported on the production and operation of the company. After hearing the report, fang xiaoli affirmed the work of jingwei. At the same time, he points out that facing the serious market situation, enterprises in addition to further steady production, lean operation, do a good job in foreign trade export outside of work, must seize opportunities, speed up the development of the new normal, continuously improve enterprise profitability, make contributions to our county economic development. The municipal party committee and the municipal government will do their best to serve the enterprise and encourage the development of enterprises.