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Jingwei was awarded the ma anshan technology innovation demonstration enterprise

Release date:2015-02-18 Views:257

According to the document [2014] no.269 of the economic and informatization commission of ma 'anshan city, ma anshan jingwei rotary support co., ltd. was identified as the 2014 ma anshan technology innovation demonstration enterprise.

Seven years, the company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, has authorized the patent for utility model 10, 2 invention patents, the developed products respectively in anhui province and anhui science and technology progress third prize, the company has through the "national high and new technology enterprise", "innovative pilot enterprises in anhui province", "private technology enterprises in anhui province", the company built engineering technology center, respectively, through the "anhui provincial enterprise technology center", "ma on shan municipal enterprise technology center", "anhui worm gear rotary bearing engineering technology research center", China's wind power industry is the first of the rolling bearing is analyzed.studying wind turbine yaw, bearing "(GB/T29717-2013) one of the national standards drafting unit. Companies have built laboratory through "maanshan worm and worm wheel type rotary supporting key laboratory", the company product has maintained through anhui and anhui province famous brand products, the company is a registered trademark by anhui province famous trademark.

In the future, in terms of technological innovation, jingwei will further intensify the research and development of new products and technologies, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and continuously improve the capacity of independent innovation.