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Teng qing, director of the development zone management committee, visited our company

Release date:2015-02-09 Views:257

DangTu on February 9, the county party committee standing committee, director of the development zone management committee TengQing line personnel to visit our company research, and to the enterprise staff to send sincere greetings and the New Year's blessing, chairman of the board of directors of the company shi-hong Yang accompanied by a line of research.

During the investigation, the director detailed the company's production and operation in 2014 and the development plan in 2015. When we learned that the competition in the market industry was fierce in 2015, the chief executive said that the product quality should be guaranteed. Second, we need to keep innovating, so that we can keep our company invincible. And urge the leader to pay attention to safe production, let the masses of employees have a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.