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China machinery association of the branch of jia xiaofwen secretary-general investigation

Release date:2014-12-09 Views:257

On December 9, 2014 in the afternoon, secretary-general of China association of engineering machinery accessories section Jia Xiaowen and engineering machinery and hydraulic parts product quality supervision and inspection center, deputy director of the 阎堃 to jingwei company visit, accompanied by strong Yao Ran company vice President to visit.

Vice President Yao Ran strong first Jia Xiaowen secretary-general introduced a line of the company's market situation and the development present situation, then Jia Xiaowen secretary-general line visited the company's production workshop, physical and chemical laboratory, drive workshop, detailed understanding of the enterprise in manufacturing, product development, quality control, enterprise management, technology and equipment, market development, Jia Xiaowen secretary-general expressed fully affirmation, the rapid development of warp/weft and hope fabric company and to strengthen communication of Chinese engineering machinery association, and said, as always, provide support and assistance to the company's marketing, promote the count of company get more market share.

The chairman of the company, Yang shihong, expressed his gratitude to the secretary general of the Chinese engineering machinery association, jia xiaowen, for their concern and support.