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Our company approved by anhui enterprise technology center

Release date:2014-09-09 Views:251

On September 9, provincial economic and information committee, the provincial development and reform commission, the provincial department of science and technology department of 7 joint mandate on the batch of enterprise technology centers recognized by the province, 23 list and enterprise technology centers recognized by the province in 2014 changed its name is notice (anhui the letter [2014] no. 2014) of science and technology, our technology centers recognized by the formal for 23 batch of enterprise technology centers recognized by the province in anhui province.

Technology center since it was founded in 2011, under the support of the general manager, through the whole company specialized research and development personnel to the joint efforts of the staff and technical center, independent innovation work good results have been achieved in recent years, in April 2013 to receive a certificate in anhui technology research, in October and December, respectively, through the national high and new technology enterprise and municipal enterprise technology center. The successful declaration of the provincial enterprise technology center marks a new step for our scientific and technological research and development. To our company always adhere to technological innovation, focusing on new product development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of recognition and affirmation, vigorously promote the technology innovation work, added motivation for our company bigger and stronger.