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The government led a delegation to visit the company for investigation and investigation

Release date:2014-10-10 Views:281

Morning of October 10, dangtu county county magistrate, Mr Zhang, Yang Huachun, deputy head of the county party committee county government and county development zone management committee director TengQing director Mr. Wang, county, county economic development, technology bureau chief Guo Maogong line to companies such as research, accompanied by shi-hong Yang company chairman and general manager assistant Wang Shujun reception.

In the drive workshop, shi-hong Yang, chairman of Mr Zhang, the head of a line introduced the rotation drive company research and development of new products, product strength and market status, etc., then, Mr Zhang county line of field for the company's production workshop and the test bench, detailed understanding of the enterprise product processing, product performance, characteristics, application fields and testing capability for inspection, etc., the production and operation of the enterprises understand the current situation.

County magistrate Mr Zhang expressed his appreciation to the enterprise develop the industry-university-institute cooperation, suggest that enterprise must strengthen the research and development of new products and continuously explore new technology, new technology, in the examination to continuously improve the ability construction aspect, sets up the new standard of industry. In understanding to some actual problems encountered in the enterprise production and business operation activities, after Mr Zhang county attaches great importance to, and said the county government will try my best to give companies the greatest help, real service for the enterprise development.

Yang shihong, chairman of the company, thanked zhang zhiqiang, head of the county government of dang county, for their concern and support.