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Ma anshan city science and technology bureau leads a company to visit the company research

Release date:2014-10-10 Views:262

On the afternoon of October 9th, the secretary of the science and technology bureau of ma 'anshan city, xing section chief and jiao director visited the company for investigation and investigation. Yang shihong, chairman of the company, and wang shujun, assistant general manager, accompanied the investigation.

Mr. Xing and other companies visited the production workshop, the physical and chemical laboratory, the test bench, etc., and gave full affirmation to the technology content of the company's new product rotation drive. At the meeting, chairman Yang shihong first introduced the company's basic situation, main products, market situation and so on, then reported the company's export situation, annual sales, profits tax and so on. After understanding the practical problems of the company, Mr. Xing proposed that if the enterprise has difficulties or requirements in the construction of the project, the municipal bureau will give the enterprise the biggest help to make the enterprise better development.