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European customers come to our company for investigation

Release date:2014-10-09 Views:255

On the afternoon of October 8th, the European customer Dr. Aleksandar came to our company to visit our company. He was accompanied by the assistant general manager of the company yao general and assistant general manager wang shujun.

Dr. Aleksandar to visit our company is looking for can be used in solar power engineering vehicles, agricultural irrigation, rooftop solar parts, they are now using low cost is higher, the stability of parts, hope to be able to use my company production of rotation drive instead. Sales Yao Zong to warp/weft company is introduced in the first place, and focus on the customer interested in rotation drive is introduced, ask each other's conditions of use, the requirements of the bearing, and so on, puts forward the design and production of the corresponding technical requirements for each other of rotation drive, and according to the request of the other side of the bearing and manner of use is recommended to use our twin screw driver, quality, stability and cost control has a strong advantage.

Dr. Aleksandar then visited our company's drive and rotary support production workshop, as well as experimental equipment, and appreciated. We also invite us to visit Europe in 2015 to further understand the market demand and technical requirements of Europe.