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Teng qing, director of the development zone management committee, visited jingwei

Release date:2014-09-10 Views:294

On the afternoon of September 10th, the autumn rain was drizzling and the weather was cool. DangTu county party committee and director of management committee of development zone TengQing line personnel to visit our company on science and technology innovation research, Zhang Yuyuan company deputy general manager, assistant general manager, technology research and development center director Wang Shujun accompanied by inspection.

Teng, director of a line in key looked at the physical and chemical laboratory, the bench test equipment such as tilting moment, came to the rotation drive workshop to inspect the drive process in detail, and inquired about the company's technological innovation, talent team, product development and other related situation, the company leadership charting report, cane, director of technology research and development on the company's performance gave full affirmation and praise, and ask the credit financing, warp/weft company product development zone economic development, research and development, personnel, labor and technology policy to give full support, to really help the enterprise to solve practical problems.