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Wei xianwen, vice President of anhui university of technology, is a research director of jingwei

Release date:2014-09-01 Views:270

To comprehensively promote the ma on shan warp/weft slewing bearing co., LTD. And anhui university of technology industry-university-institute cooperation relations, to further consolidate technology research and development innovation, on August 29 in the afternoon, vice President of anhui university of technology professor wei, scientific bureau director of water constant f professor, mechanical dean professor xiao-liu yu, professor quan-xian wang, vice President of the line of people to come to our company inspection instruction, Zhang Yuyuan, strong Yao Ran company vice President and general manager assistant Wang Shujun accompanied by research.

Wei, vice President of a line of people into workshop to inspect the production line with great interest, ask and understand in detail the related technical equipment, detection means, product development, market sale, etc., the company leadership to answer one by one, wei the principal to the company and Harbin industrial university joint research and development of the "double modulus" second envelope torus worm pair is very appreciated.

In the research on the meeting, assistant general manager of the company, technology research and development, director of the center for Wang Shujun introduced our company and our mechanical academy since 2012 to build "warp/weft - Harbin industrial university torus worm engineering technology research center", "warp/weft - technical university industry-university-institute cooperation base", between the two sides made some technical breakthrough in the field of new product development, the "double modulus secondary envelope torus worm pair" was awarded anhui science and technology research achievements certificate, and by maanshan named brand industrial products title. Wei the principal after the briefing, to our company and mechanical college in scientific research and development of Harbin industrial university, has obtained the encouraging technical innovation gave full affirmation, he hopes to further deepen cooperation between colleges and jointly develop products with independent intellectual property rights, to adapt to and meet the market demand, realize win-win between the two sides.