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"Jingwei brand" won the title of famous brand in anhui province

Release date:2014-03-12 Views:270

In recent years, the company to build corporate image, to strengthen the brand construction, improve product quality, always adhere to the "strict management, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction," the work of the policy, the chief quality officer system management, from the system construction, personnel training, product design, material procurement, the physical and chemical test, process flow, production, quality inspection on site and so on each link to grab, comprehensive standardization, standardization, systematic management, is strictly controlled, to ensure the product quality is stable, has made remarkable achievements, the company manufacturing slewing bearing the "one", "double modulus" second envelope torus worm pair after respectively won the provincial, city famous brand product, the company produces the "matrix" brand is the anhui province famous brand strategy to promote committee and anhui province bureau of quality and technical supervision named the famous product of jiangsu in 2013.