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North American clients visit the site

Release date:2015-05-15 Views:280

On the afternoon of May 15, north American clients went to jingwei company to conduct a field visit. Yang shihong, the chairman of jingwei company, the vice President of the company, and wang shujun warmly received the visit of foreign friends. The company's staff gave a warm welcome to their arrival.

Clients, in turn, visited the rotation drive production assembly workshop, slewing bearing production workshop, quality inspection, such as physical and chemical laboratory, technology research and development center, latitude and longitude of the current scope of business development, integrated management, product research and development conducted a comprehensive investigation, the customer understand the fabric has good technology, good market and quality, and then provide us with valuable comments and Suggestions in the meeting room, on the count of technology innovation, to improve the performance of products has played a huge role in promoting. In a burst of laughter, north American clients ended the visit.