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The county party committee secretary Yang shanbin visited our company

Release date:2015-03-16 Views:407

On the morning of March 14, Yang shanbin, the secretary of the county party committee of the county, visited the company and inspected the company's chairman, Yang shihong, vice President zhang yuyuan and wang shujun.

Yang shanbin first came to the rotary drive workshop, and inspected the assembly, worm processing and powder spraying equipment of rotary drive, and detailed the various links and sales situations of the drive production. Then visited the slewing bearing production workshop, product inspection and test, to understand the status of the enterprise production and operation in detail, product process and new project construction schedule, and ask the dangtu accompanied by relevant departments responsible comrades actively help enterprises to solve practical problems.

Yang Shanbin when visiting research stressed that all departments at all levels should take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, firmly establish a service enterprise is the development of the service concept, strengthen the communication with the enterprise, needs of enterprises, give play to the role of function, strengthen the service consciousness, improve service levels, to solve practical difficulties, helping enterprises to accelerate development. Enterprises should also seize development opportunities and accelerate the pace of development under the new normal, so as to contribute more to the economic development of our county.