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Jingwei has become the first batch of enterprises to implement the chief quality officer system

Release date:2014-08-12 Views:319

Morning of August 12, 2014, dangtu chief quality officer they award ceremony in the county market supervision and administration of 9 floor conference room, the province pledges inspect bureau commissioner of quality, secretary-general, deputy head of dangtu county, anhui province quality association of quality and technical supervision quality coco long enough to congratulate, warp/weft bearing company as a legal person and chairman shi-hong Yang and 10 legal representative to attend the meeting.

Yang shihong, chairman of the company, presented the chief quality officer to the assistant general manager wang shujun at the presentation ceremony. Wang shujun, assistant general manager of the company, took the oath of office as the first chief quality officer in the county.

According to assistant general manager of the company, technology research and development, director of the center for Wang Shujun introduces, in October last year, he is commissioned by the company chairman and general manager shi-hong Yang and recommendations, to participate in the whole city CQO enterprise chief quality officer for training, system study and completed the "national quality development policy, the legal system of quality, the enterprise system of chief quality officer, enterprise strategic management, enterprise quality culture construction, enterprise quality management system, quality economic analysis, brand cultivation and management", etc. All courses. After passing the examination, obtain the "chief quality officer training certificate".

Jingwei support company has become the first batch of enterprises to implement the chief quality officer system.