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Our company has been awarded the title of "municipal enterprise technology center"

Release date:2014-01-11 Views:266

Committee has approved by maanshan the letter, maanshan city bureau of finance, ma on shan five departments such as customs, maanshan irs, maanshan tax bureau joint review, my company by maanshan as a "city-level technology center".

In recent years, my company has always been dominated by technology innovation, to enhance the product quality as the gripper, the talent team construction as the carrier, increasing research investment, introduce advanced experimental equipment and technical personnel, and establish production-study-research cooperation relationship with anhui university of technology, has a "warp/weft - Harbin industrial university torus worm engineering technology research center", "worm gear and worm type rotary supporting key laboratory", has developed the proprietary technology, new products, won a number of scientific and technological achievements. Among them, the "double modulus secondary envelope torus worm pair" was awarded anhui science and technology research achievements certificate, the company also has applied for 1 national invention patents, 9 utility model patents, has authorised eight.

It is reported that in 2013, 14 enterprises in the city won the honor.