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American clients come to visit our company

Release date:2012-03-28 Views:283

At 8:30 a.m. on March 28, the three customers from the United States were accompanied by the company's leaders and conducted a visit to our company.

American customers under the two sales staff's explanation, visited the company's technology department, quality department, production workshop and other places, meantime watch our workshop every production process, and to give you. Then listened to the introduction of company management meeting room in the company, for our company's production environment, production capacity, production technical level and management ability to give a high evaluation, and on the company's excellent product quality and perfect service concept highly praise, and awarded "excellent supplier" MEDALS in our company.

In recent period, the company outstanding scientific and technological innovation, promote the combination of "production, study and research", and with the new set up r&d center in anhui university of technology, the company attaches great importance to and strengthen the product research and development work, actively declare a high and new technology enterprise, the strengthened our customer further cooperation with the United States.

Through this visit, we have laid a solid foundation for our company to establish extensive trade relations in the international market.