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Our company has been awarded the safety standardization level 3 enterprise signs and certificates

Release date:2012-03-30 Views:288

Morning of March 30, safety bureau on behalf of awarded our company "safety production standardization level enterprise" signs and certificate, zhang and others on behalf of my company received and thank the recognition of our company.

Since the company in 2010 to carry out the safety standardization work, leaders at all levels attach great importance to, establish a leadership organization, careful arrangement, the concept of establishing long-term security mechanisms, earnestly implement the hidden dangers rectification measures and implement.

In recent years, ma on shan warp/weft slewing bearing co., LTD has made great progress in safety production management work, it is strictly prohibited in the production of the "three violations" (that is, the command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline), and the remarkable improvement in security, the apparent decline in all kinds of accidents and safety culture is the social from all walks of life recognition, achievement of safety management for city safety bureau, the affirmation and recognition in maanshan city, 2010-2010 "safety production standardization level enterprise" to create competitions, become the first standard units. A year after the company safety production situation of the implementation of the standardization on a self assessment, and form the self-assessment report, timely discover and solve the problem of safety in production, continuous improvement, constantly improve the level of production safety, for effective safety production standardization work of similar enterprises set up model and benchmarking.