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Enterprise strength

Maanshan jingwei Slewing Bearing co., LTD. Is a national high-tech enterprise integrating Slewing drive、Slewing Bearing、Planetary reducer design、development and manufacturing,Anhui province equity management trading center "specialized special new board" listed enterprises.
  • 10+Years

    Founded in 2007

    Two major Institute of production, research and research, four major research centers

  • 20000

    Operating area of 20 thousand square meters

    100 million yuan of fixed assets

  • 11strip

    11 automatic numerical control production lines

    60 thousand sets of rotary reducer and 50 thousand Slewing Support

  • 150+set

    More than 150 production testing equipment

    Ensure the high quality supply of the eight series and thousands of products

Lean to be sincere and excellent

  • Scientific management model
    Scientific management model
    We focus on adhering to the scientific development concept, to follow the modern enterprise management mode, the full implementation of ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO10012:2003 measurement management system, establish and improve the enterprise each rules and regulations, clear each post personnel responsibilities, implement target management, improve the work efficiency and service level. Strengthen innovation management, continuously introduce innovative tec...
  • Strict production process
    Strict production process
    We have a strict production operation process, each process and every detail has detailed process control requirements and responsibility attribution. From planning, delivery inspection, quality control technology to carry out the production, first inspection into the factory from blank to the first time on the processing, to process down, tracking management, self-inspection of semi-finished product, process, process flow, work number labeling, testing, product assembly, ins...
  • Advanced production technology
    Advanced production technology
    After long-term production practice, we have accumulated a rich and advanced production and application technology, which is good at technological breakthrough and product innovation. Whether product exports Europe and the United States or to form a complete set of core high-end field, the company has first-class production and testing equipment and advanced manufacturing technology and optimization, each technical problem can be from a professional point of view to develop t...
  • Perfect market service
    Perfect market service
    We provide perfect sales service for all customers. In response to customer needs, we will provide timely responses and recommend suitable solutions for customers. We will follow up the production schedule in time, purchase from raw materials to the production and manufacturing process, and always keep consistent with customer requirements to ensure the smooth delivery of orders. We accept customer consultation and real-time feedback, met any customer product use and technica...
  • Scientific management model
  • Strict production process
  • Advanced production technology
  • Perfect market service
  • Production equipment
  • Detection method
  • Enterprise qualification

Enterprise information

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