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    • Slewing bearing series
    • JingWei products
    • Rotary reducer series
    • 回转驱动中心
    • 卧式回转减速机
    • 立式回转减速机
    • 立卧一体式回转减速机
    • 回转支承系列

    Enterprise strength

    • 10+Years

      Founded in 2007

      Two major Institute of production, research and research, four major research centers

    • 20000

      Operating area of 20 thousand square meters

      100 million yuan of fixed assets

    • 11strip

      11 automatic numerical control production lines

      60 thousand sets of rotary reducer and 50 thousand Slewing Support

    • 150+set

      More than 150 production testing equipment

      Ensure the high quality supply of the eight series and thousands of products

    Lean to be sincere and excellent

    • Scientific management model
    • Strict production process
    • Advanced production technology
    • Perfect market service
    • Production equipment
    • Detection method
    • Enterprise qualification

    Enterprise information